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Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy – Vladivostok – Novosibirsk – Moscow
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Shipping schedule. (today: )

Maritime freight rates en route Vladivostok — Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy — Vladivostok.

CargoVladivostok —
20 HC ST (Domestic intermodal transportation (by rail and sea)60 000 RUB66 000 RUB
40 HC ST (Domestic intermodal transportation (by rail and sea)83 000 RUB99 000 RUB
20 HC ST (carrier- and shipper-owned container)92 000 RUB66 000 RUB
40 HC ST (carrier- and shipper-owned container)135 000 RUB99 000 RUB
General cargo/bulky4 500 RUB/cubic metres3 000 RUB/cubic metres
General cargo/heavy8 300 RUB/ton.6 500 RUB/ton.
Vehicle weight 5 - 30 ton12 000 RUB/ton7 000 RUB/ton.
Vehicle weight 3 - 5 ton60 000 RUB35 000 RUB
Vehicle weight does not exceed 3 ton38 000 RUB25 500 RUB
40 RF refrigerator carrier- and shipper-owned container**175 000 RUBon inquiry
20 RF refrigerator carrier- and shipper-owned container**125 000 RUBon inquiry

General conditions:

— Storage of container entitled to 10 calendar days including the day of arrival, thereupon Customer pays: over 11th day - RUB 181,25/20 per day, RUB 362,61/40 per day

— The rates include 10 calendar days for usage of containers owned by line including the day of arrival, thereupon Customer pays:
from 11th to 20th day – RUB 590/20, RUB 885/40 per day
over 21th day – RUB 885/20, RUB 1357/40 per day

— All dangerous goods are subject to preliminary Carrier’s approval, for the transportation of dangerous goods the increase coefficient 1,25 is applied

— Tariffs are applicable from 06 march 2017, are given in rubles and includes VAT 18%, tariff information on another cargo positions is available upon enquiry

**In addition to the basic tariff a plug-in fee can be charged.


KASCO is one of the leading transport operators on the Far East and Far North of Russia. We are dynamic developing shipping company of Kamchatka with own fleet and team of high-qualified specialists ready to offer each customer full package of freight and logistics services on the territory of Kamchatskiy krai, Far East and outside. After it has been founded in 2009, company keeps following the best seafaring traditions growing it with new experience and implementation of new technologies.

Own fleet, regular service, developed agent network in the seaports on the Far East, park of own containers and special equipment – all this saves both time and costs of our customers.

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