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Cargo shipping

Cargo shipping

GeneralCargo Shipment

Maritime cargo transportation is a subject of particular importance for port cities – direct access to theoceanconfers economic and social benefits ,greatly simplifies logistics and reduces general costs for cargo delivery.

Our partners are Vladivostok Sea Port Pervomaysky and Petropavlovsk–Kamchatsky Sea Commercial port

Vladivostok Sea Port Pervomaysky renders a full set of services on loading-unloading operations, accumulation, storage and shipments of a wide range of cargo.

Modern specialized container terminals, qualified stuff of employees and extensive hands-on experience of Vladivostok Sea Port Pervomayskyhelp us to provide the best quality service to our clients.

Petropavlovsk – Kamchatsky Sea Commercial port is a second meaningful part in our logistics chain, that provides special preferential rates for terminal operations and storage of national economic goods to the regions with limited navigation periods - Chukotka Autonomous District and the Far North areas of the Russian Federation.

In addition to maritime cargo transportation itself we can provide a full suite of logistic services dealing with cargo handling:

  • Onloading, offloading, transshipment
  • Storage
  • Consolidation
  • Separation
  • Marking
  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Trucking service to outlying settlements of Kamchatsky-Krai

KASCO office in Vladivostok

+7 914 734-30-61, +7 423 279-17-35

KASCO office in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

+7 963 832 21 11 zam@kasс

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