Shipping of any cargoes within Russia

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy – Vladivostok – Novosibirsk – Moscow
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Trucking Service

Our company carries out truck transportation servicein Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Vladivostok and Moscow.

Our specialists have extensive experience in arrangement of such kind of cargo transportation. We will help you to choose the type of container, optimize the rout of delivery, safe and proper cargo securing, swift and efficient paperwork. We will deliver the container to your warehouse at any time you want it.

Delivery of containers (cargo) at destination,not specified in tariffs, is defined proceeding from specific conditions of transportation, and the place of unloading/loading and is made at the contractual rates with preliminary coordination.

The time spent of carrier under cargo operations or waiting time under the cargo operations considered over 20 minutes to price of full hour.

The beginning of unloading/loading is considered arrival time of the car to the place of loading/unloading, but not earlier than time specified in the application is considered. The end of loading/unloading is considered the delivery/reception of cargo in point of loading/unloading is considered.

Tariffs do not include the cost of services in the organization of entrance/departure in the territory of ports, terminals, warehouses, etc. which are paid by the Customer. As agreed by the parties, these services can be paid to Carrier, proceeding from the tariffs established by such terminals, warehouses, ports, etc. at the time of entrance/departure.

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